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Isolated I/O Boards

This line of small interface boards has been designed to plug into the P4-8x3 digital interface connector on the U500ISA/U500PCI boards as well as the expansion ports on the A3200 Nservo’s J111A and J111B General Purpose I/O ports.
Each of these boards has a 50 pin ribbon cable interface to the controllers.  They have been designed primarily as 5v to 24v isolated laser interfaces for a number of different lasers.   Software samples for driving the boards can be supplied for the appropriate controller.  Custom versions of these boards can be purchased, send us your requirements for a quote.  We would also be happy to quote any custom software you might need to support this product line for the U500 or A3200 CNC systems.
This is a 24v output (sourcing) board
This is a 24v output (sinking) board
This board has 16 outputs and 8 inputs (sourcing)
(For U500PCI only) Brings out a number of connections to analog I/O, PSO and an auxiliary stepper motor from the P9 connector. 2 BNC jacks are jumper selectable for analog signals.