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IPGpulser and Timeshare Controller

IPGpulser has been developed to interface various CNC systems to the IPG lasers, but is applicable to any laser that accepts an analog control input and/or trigger input. Originally designed as a timeshare interface to control 2 fibers from the laser to 2 workstations, each having their own independent CNC, the system has evolved into a 4 fiber timeshare unit with a built in pulse generator and power ramping circuitry. 

Communications to the interface is via RS-232 from up to 4 ports, or you can type commands directly from the application.  You can also just use the interface as a simple RS-232 device to communicate with the laser. M-functions from your CNC can also be tied in to control the laser's output.

Analog & Pulser Section
Timeshare Section

IPGpulser provides a pulse generator that can produce a pulse train to the laser.  The timing of this pulse train can be controlled, power levels can be set and ramping time can also be defined.  Simply saying POWER 30.5 .5 will ramp the power from its current setting to 30.5% in .5 seconds.   You can also run the system in CW, in fact, as shown in the plot above, you can mix CW and pulsing.

Pulser Specifications:
Pulse Width: 100 uSec to 4000 uSec
Pulse Rate : 2 hz to 5000 hz.
0-10 volts output = 0-100% full power

IPGpulser can be configured to control 1,2,3 or 4 fibers from the same laser source.  Each workstation may request the laser if it is not already busy. Only that workstation controls the laser. Upon completing its tasks, it will release control of the laser, allowing any other workstation to then have the laser.  Any workstation may request the status of the laser and timeshare status at any time.

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For setup and manual control, there is a single station mode. This panel gives you full manual control of power, pulsing and laser controls. The timeshare portion of the software is disabled while in this mode.