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A3200 Post Processor for CimCAD/CimLITE

A3200 Post Processor

The A3200 Post Processor is an add-on to CimCAD or CimLITE to allow you to generate part programs (G-code) for your A3200 CNC.  The adjacent dialogs show the “fill-in-the-blanks” approach to configuring the output to fit your machine’s specific needs.  You can save all your settings in a uniquely named file and the number of those files is unlimited.

Some of the key features you can easily adjust include…

- Header and trailer files, to add your own startup code or subroutines to the files that the CAD system generates.

- Plane output selection, XZ, XY, YZ and cylindrical output

- Contour control

- Feedrates, laser/tool on and off codes.

Check the Demo Movies page for How-to videos showing
CimCAD and the A3200 post processor in action.