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Analog Switcher Board

Analog Switcher is a 4 channel switch that can be driven by a 24v signal to allow you to switch an analog voltage in the range of 0-12v.

This board is designed to interface a pulsed output from a motion system and it's ramped analog output to an IPG (or other) laser.

Using a trigger source like position based firing (Aerotech, Preco), you can define the pulse width and amplitude from within your part program. If your motion system can also perform analog ramping at the same time, the Analog Switcher will gate that signal based on your pulse parameters.


The plot shows the typical output as seen by the laser. The pulses are ramped up/down as the analog input changes.

These plots show the two input components, the Trigger Input and the Analog Input. These signals are generated by the CNC system.

Analog Switcher Board.....$350.00

Output to laser
Analog Input
Trigger Input