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Full CAD/CAM Software Pkg
Reduced function CAD/CAM Pkg
Produces A3200 CNC Files
Special Rotational Output Pkg
(mostly used for pacemaker welding)

CimCAD and Lite can be customized to fit many different applications.  If you would like to automate your CAD -> CNC tasks, or you need special CNC output, we would be happy to quote any specific application you may have.

The list of standard systems above is a sampling of what’s available. We can generate code for most any CNC system you might have.  Contact us to discuss your application.

  *These links are to Cimex’s site. You can download demo versions of the CAD/CAM software from their site. Start here and look for Software Demos. The above products will work with CimCAD or CimLITE.  

View a quick movie of Vidalign, CimCAD and CimMC working together to align a part.