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Rotary Program Generator
for the A3200 (RPG)


The RPG program is a dedicated rotary CNC front end for welding systems. As shown above, you program the job graphically, defining the laser power level and on time relative to the angle (or surface distance on the part). The spikes represent tack welds and the trapezoid is the actual weld showing independent slope in and out times.

One of the features of RPG is the ability to correct for runout and part irregularities by teaching on a part-to-part basis, or simply setting offsets once for a unique tool. One or two axes can be used to simultaneously correct for errors. Select as many points as you need to track your part consistently.


RPG has an optional integrated video system to allow you to switch between program view and video display. Live user-tunable crosshairs aid in alignment. With the integrated video, you can also teach your correction points by clicking on the joint in the image.

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Up to 8 weld programs can be saved in each program file. Clicking a program tab makes that the active program.

Three different modes of controlling the laser are available and saved with the program information.
In CW mode, the laser is simply turned on and your power and ramping profile will be sent to the laser. In the FreeRun mode, you set the pulse width and frequency and the laser pulses continuously.In Position mode, the PSO functions of the A3200 are used to allow you to fire the laser by position, either in degrees or distance along the surface. This mode gives you the most controlled welding possible by controlling the energy input to the part down to a single pulse.

The IO page is easily setup to monitor and control a variety of functions on the A3200. Each RPG file can have its own unique I/O definitions.

Each output button can be momentary or toggle and will always show the output status even when controlled via the program.

Along with drive inputs and outputs, the normal Binary I/O functions are also supported.