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Continuous Rotation

Conrot Animation
The Continuous Rotation system will produce NC code to follow the outer contour of a part from its 2D drawing.  The above animation gives you an idea of a typical application.   The software will calculate the position and velocity information required to keep your beam perpendicular to the part’s surface and keep the velocity along it’s surface consistent.

Changes can be made quickly and easily, then output in an instant.  This software has been used for over 15 years in producing NC code for laser welding medical components, electronic packages, etc. on a variety of CNC systems.

This is a set of custom macros that run on either Cimex’s CimCAD or CimLITE products.   The current version is for the Aerotech U500 and A3200 Controllers (both included in the installation).

The standard A3200 Post Processor is also included with this package.

Can’t justify purchasing the whole software package?
Programming parts as a service is also available.
Feel free to email your drawing to us for a quotation.